Driving School Den Bosch

Driving School Den Bosch

Steering you in the right direction.

Driving School Den Bosch is a local specialist in offering driving lessons. We provide you with tailor-made advice for getting your driving license. You will get trained by one permanent driving teacher. We think this is a life-changing learning process so we will do everything we can to guide you as well as possible!

Packages and prices

What are the costs of getting your license at driving school Den Bosch? We think it’s important that getting a drivers license is accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer many different packages which you can pay in installments. You can combine the packages to buy (extra) lessons.

Keep up your progress in our app, get your homework assignments and appointment confirmations through the app.

Speed Package

✔ 10 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

Theory Course

Theory Exam

Interim Exam


Driver Package

✔ 20 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

Theory Course

Theory Exam

Interim Exam


Study Bulbs

✔ 25 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

✔ Theory Course

✔ Theory Exam

Interim Exam


Super Driver

✔ 35 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

✔ Theory Course

✔ Theory Exam

Interim Exam


Drive Your Way

✔ 40 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

✔ Theory Course

✔ Theory Exam

✔ Interim Exam


Extra options

✔ Refresh course: 5 lessons = 300,-

✔ Single Exam = €285,-

✔ Single Interim Test = €255,-

✔ Single BNOR Exam = €320,-

✔ Single Performance Anxiety Exam = €315,-

Start driving in s’Hertogenbosch

Looking forward to driving around with your friends? Or go to work in your car rather than using your bicycle? Then it’s the highest time to get your driver’s license! We will learn you all things you need to know to get on the road safe and secure. We suggest there will also be some new things, not only in the practical part but also in the theory. That’s why we’ll help: “Steering you in the right direction”. But in the end you are the one who needs to do it!

It’s important to choose a driving school which really suits your needs. To make it even harder Den Bosch knows a lot of driving schools that all offer to help. To prove to you that we are a good match we can offer you a free trial lesson. This way you can decide for yourself if we are the one for you. After this free trial lesson, you’re of course not obligated to stay, but we would like it if you do!

Pick Driving School Den Bosch

Did you have some driving lessons before? Then we’ll just pick up where you left off. We can do this with some individual lessons, a refresher course or a full package. Would you prefer starting with a trial lesson to see if Driving School Den Bosch suits you? That’s possible too.

By obtaining your driver’s license you also get more freedom and independence. To become an experienced driver, you need a clear explanation of your required driving skills. We think it is very important to have an experienced driving instructor who really focuses on you. At Driving School Den Bosch you will get an individual driving instructor who guides you along this new path.

Driving school Den Bosch has an above-average success rate and has been offering affordable and professional driving lessons for years near Breda, Eindhoven, Tilburg and Helmond.

Get your driver’s license

Getting your driver’s license faster with fewer lessons? Sounds good, right? By planning your driving lessons faster, it is possible to have your license within 10 days by following. For this Crash Course a good plan is crucial. Before you start a crash course it is important that you are already in possession of a theory certificate. During this exam you will be tested on hazard recognition, traffic insight and knowledge of rules and signs. Besides the theory certificate, you also need a health certificate. We will apply for this together. Then we immediately schedule your driving lessons.

In this way it’s an affordable, fast and efficient way to get your license faster than usual.

If you prefer to take your driving lessons in the evening hours or in the weekend, we offer various flexible solutions. Driving school Den Bosch provides 24/7 driving lessons without hidden costs.

Driving School Den Bosch

Driving School Den Bosch helps you towards your driving license. During your driving lessons it’s possible to see a lot more driving cars. S’Hertogenbosch is a big city surrounded by other large cities with a lot of students and a variety of driving schools.

We hope we have given you more information about our driving school in Den Bosch and convinced you that we are an reliable and informative choice. You will spend a lot of time in the driving car so we think it’s really important you make the right choice.

Driving license health certificate

With the help of a health check, the CBR checks whether you are fit enough to drive. Do you have sufficient vision? Are you healthy? Can you intervene quickly enough when necessary? These are important requirements for you to be able to drive safely on the road later on. To apply for the health check you need to be in the possession of a DigiD account. When you have already have an account, you can easily apply for your statement yourself via the website of the CBR.

A health statement currently costs €37.80. With this you pay not only for the certificate itself, but also for a possible driving test and health advice that you can apply in your car.

The various exams

Theory exam

Before your practical exam it is compulsory to have your theory exam with the CBR determined. You can start with this at the age of 16. You can register for this through the website of the CBR.

In the theory exam, you will be tested on your knowledge of traffic rules, traffic insight and hazard recognition. These questions must be answered without error. The cost of the theory exam is currently € 34.50 per exam.

If you have dyslexia or fear of failure it is also possible to request a special exam. This gives you extra time to make your test.

Intermediate test

To test your knowledge in the meantime, it is wise to take an intermediate test in between. This way you can already experience what it is like to do a real driving test.

In addition, you will be advised by your examiner where you could practice even more in order to pass your real driving test in the first attempt.

It is also possible to use your intermediate test to get your exemption for the special operations. If you do this without any mistakes you don’t have to take the test again on your practical exam

Our graduates

Practical exam

Finally we have come to the last step! You have gone through the entire learning process and you think you are ready for the real exam? Then you can register for the practical exam, again through the CBR. It is necessary to authorize your driving school to go with you and to have a valid health certificate. For the practical exam, the minimum age is 17.

Want to get an idea of what a practical exam looks like in the Netherlands? Take a look at the video to the right. Here the exam procedure is fully explained.

Our other locations

We offer driving lessons at different locations in the Netherlands. You can find us in BredaTilburg and Eindhoven. In BestBredaHelmondTilburg and Waalwijk you can also find our Dutch lessons.

What do I need to arrange?

Get on the road fast

If you’re under the age of 18 and can’t wait to get your driving license we have some good news for you! In the Netherlands nowadays you can already start your driving lessons at the age of 17. When you get your driver’s license at this age you’re also allowed to get on the roads, with a co-driver or mentor. That means no more cycling through the rain and getting everywhere faster than ever. Sounds good, right? Sign up at 2todtrive!

In order to pass your practical exam you need to get your theory certificate first. From the age of 16 it is possible to register for a theory exam at the CBR. They will test your skills on three things: Understanding of traffic and making the right decisions, knowledge of facts and rules such as traffic signs and hazard recognition. The test consists of 25 questions and you must answer at least 13 questions correctly.

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